My Website development process

For the 4 out of 6 weeks I’m learning this I have learnt a lot and I’m going to tell you about it. When I started I knew nothing, but I downloaded this app on my phone called Mimo. This app is very helpful to people that want to make there own website but know nothing about web development.

The first week I started on the app I did the in-app lessons to web development. But instead of getting thrown into the deep end with nothing to help, it goes step by step with fun pictures and explaining what each code does an what its call, but it also has a playground mode to create a demo website.

I love this website because it has such and easy concept but once your done it feels good to know that you’ve done something really cool. I really suggest this app to people who want to make a website or just learn something new.

this is mimo click this to get Mimo and here’s a website I made with the app


I’m a Lego person it’s fair to say I love Lego Because. Of the creations you can make and how much you can use your imagination and how much you can move your hands. I love Starwars lego sets because of the cool parts and the characters they have.

I have a lot of lego sets but here’s something funny. I don’t actually play with most of them I just put the characters in a position that I like that makes them look like that there in a scene for the set.

This was my first Starwars lego set. It’s my favorite

Lego was invented in 1932 August 10 by Billund Denmark. Lego has had a scientific study and lego actually improve your concentration span. Did you know that 36,000 legos are built in a minuet.

Superhero’s and why?

What’s the deal with super hero’s. They have supernatural powers that don’t make any sense because, all the powers would have cons with them. But they don’t ever show them in the movies and shows.

We all know superman right? well if you don’t I’ll give a quick explanation, he is a alien that is from another planet and blown up. And he has the powers of super speed, laser vision, flight, x-ray vision, and he also indestructible he but the power he has is super hearing. But in the movies, shows, and comic books. he only hears “Superman save us” or “Superman help” or in those sense. But I wonder if he hear everything because. his power is super hearing it does not specify that he only hears those phrases.

Another power that doesn’t make sense is Deadpool. “All the Deadpool fans hi” he is one of the funniest and coolest hero’s ever. But Deadpool’s power is he can regenerate his body parts, but I wonder what would happen if his head got cut off is my question. And my theory is that his head would grow a new body since it’s the main power of his thoughts. But also the body is also a good supplier of motor functions. So what if they both grew the remaining body parts, and limbs.

Flash he has the power of super speed and he go’s really fast when he is running but the question I have is, what would happen if a bug flew into his face or he ran into a wall? But if one of those things happened he would be died because just running into a bug on the highway they splat and die, so imagine if you ran into a but going 300 miles per hour. That would hurt and flash goes faster then 300mh so yeah. Then the wall straight up died.

That is all for my blog and I hope this makes you think more about wanting superpowers.


I have 1 question why do vampires die in sunlight but can live in moonlight it doesn’t make sense Because. Moonlight is just sunlight reflected off the moon, but I found out that the moon and sun give off it’s own kind of radiation. So maybe they die from the radiation that comes from the sun and that’s called solar radiation. and the moon gives off a gamma radiations from the cosmic rays. I was confused about the werewolf thing too but I would expect it would be close to the same.

Another question I have is. How do zombie walk, thing or even know to eat humans because. Zombies are undead right? So there bodies are rotting corpse so there muscular and nerve system are failing and dying so once they die. But most google searches say there lungs, heart. and small parts of the brain still work and they still like eating brains so wouldn’t the zombies eat and kill each other, also in most zombies need to be shot in the brain to actually die. So zombie’s don’t make sense

Mummies don’t make any sense because. The steps of mummification are to pull out the brain and organs. If you ripped out the organs of a person it would also rip and tear the muscles and nerves. So they wouldn’t be able to walk and they would look more like a blob fish because the bone isn’t the only thing that is keeping the solid form. But the stomach and the intestines would just be flat. Also it says they remove the organs so do they take off the skin and that’s why they wrap them in bandages.

That is all okay bye bye. Oh ya also here’s a link to a zombie,only%20mission%20is%20to%20feed.

My Favorite Songs and artist

Today is September 28 2022 and my first blog and I would like to share some information about me. This blog is about my favorite songs and artist, I’ll tell you the song name if its only the one song by the artist. But if I like multiple songs by one artist or artists I’ll tell you the artist name and some more info about a song. also when you’re done reading this reach out to me and tell me your favorite song.

My all time favorite band is imagine dragons because. I’ve listen to their music since I was about 5 or 6 but my favorite song from them is “follow you” because. Of it’s slow start and then the beat comes up and has a happy sound to it link to follow you

But my favorite solo singer is boywithuke because. Of the slow or fast start then either gets faster or gets slower. I’m a big fan or that kind of music, my favorite song by him is Parries because of the calming ukulele and the very relatable lyrics which makes me love it even more. ( link to Parries

Now I’m going to tell you some meme songs that make me feel silly and those are crab rave, crazy frog, and Barbie girl this is a link to crab rave

That is all for today but please tell me if you like any of the songs above in the comments or tell me your favorite song. Also tell me if there is any editing issues or changes to make to give me a better idea about writing my sentences. But with all being said good bye and see you next time. check out this for a surprise